Monday, 11 June 2012

I Spy Thank You Prayers

As part of our lesson on Bartimaeus yesterday, we played I Spy and linked it to saying thank you to God.  As most of the 3-5s are not really up on their letters yet, we used colours instead .e.g 'I spy something that is red'.  When the children had guessed what the item was, we discussed why we needed the item e.g fire extinguishers (red!) were useful for putting out fires so it was a good thing we had them!  We then all said 'Thank you God for Fire extinguishers, amen,' and the next child took a turn.  The children really enjoyed this and you could use the game anywhere and any time to prompt the children to think about the things around them and say thanks to God!

To make it even more of a game, you could even give them a tube to look through as an I spy 'telescope'!

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