Sunday, 10 June 2012

Bartimaeus in Sparks

Today with our 3-5s, we looked at the story of Bartimaeus and had a lot of fun!  

We told the story and everyone had a pair of these glasses made of card and pipecleaners so that we could all practice not being able to see and then being able to!  The glasses were so easy to make and so effective.  The children loved them!  I found the idea on this Pinterest pin if you want to see the original idea.

After we'd talked about the story we then talked about why we need our eyes.  We put blindfolds on and tried to guess the items in the feely bag!

Next we let the children choose an activity.

They could draw a picture of Bartimaeus being healed by Jesus (we had lots of smiley faces on Bartimaeus!) or choose from these options:

Playing with a selection of goggles, sunglasses and blindfolds

Thinking about how Jesus can heals us and playing with the doctor's kit and the toy ambulance

Using their eyes to help them put together some jigsaws!
We then played 'eye spy' and thanked God for the things we guessed.

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