Friday 8 June 2012

Pray at home bag for 5-11s

After creating the pray at home bag for under 5s, I thought it was time to give the older children something to match!  The bag is designed for the 7-11s to use more independently and for the 5-7s to use with a bit more parental support.  The children will be used already to most of the prayer ideas inside it because of the prayer stations we use on a Sunday morning (see Our Sunday prayer routine and children's favourites).  

Details of the contents and prayer ideas are below.  For a printable version click here

Laminated world map
Round stickers
Battery operated tea light
2 blue stones
1 die
Buttons (use as counters)
Laminated prayer bingo game (for a printable version click here)
Post it notes
Prayer diary
Magnetic writing board
Duplo blocks

World prayers
Choose a country on the map.  Ask God to bless that country.  Stick a dot on top of that country to show you’ve prayed for it.

Listening to God
Take time to be silent and listen to God.  If it helps, hold one of the blue stones or light the battery operated candle.  If you want to, write or draw what God has shown you in the prayer book.

Prayer requests 1
·       Check the prayer book. 
·       Has someone who borrowed the bag before you asked for prayer?  If so, pray for them and put your initials down. 
·       If one of your prayers has been answered, put a smiley face next to it in the book
·       If you would like the next person to pray for you, write your request in the book

Prayer requests 2
Take one or two of the post it notes.  Write your prayer requests on them and stick them on one side of your mirror.  When the prayers are answered, say thank you to God and move the post its to the other side of the mirror.

Prayer bingo
Roll the dice twice to find a column and row number.  Pray for the thing in that square and put a button on the square.  Roll again!  If you land on the same square as before, roll again.

Draw or write what you are sorry for on the magnetic board.  Tell God about it and ask Him to forgive you.  Erase what you have done as a sign that God forgives you.

Bubble prayers 
Are you worried about something?  Ask God to help you and blow some bubbles.  As you watch them float, picture giving your worries to God.  As they pop, picture God taking your worries and popping them.

Playdough Thank Yous
Shape the playdough into something you would like to thank God for and tell him about it

Blessing tower
Build a tower with the lego.  As you lay down each brick, say thank you to God for something He has given you

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