Sunday, 22 July 2012

Keep going!

We couldn't let this week pass without making a link to the Olympics, so we had a lesson on endurance today!!

We started by building towers with blocks and seeing who could get the tallest tower before it fell!  If it fell down you just had to start all over again and keep going!  As we were running a summer Sunday session for a group of 3-11s this was especially good as every single child could participate at their own level.

Next we looked at the memory verse from Hebrews 12.v1 and put it together with duplo blocks.

When we'd put the verse together and looked at its context in the Bible, we needed to unpack it a bit more!

We got some battery operated fairy lights (batteries previously removed) and asked the children to switch them on.  When they couldn't we put in the batteries and established that, to keep lit up, they needed batteries to power them.  We also looked at a wind up torch and saw that it wouldn't keep going unless we kept winding it up.  We linked this to constantly asking God to keep us going when things get hard and we'd like to give up.

Children thought of something that they needed help to keep going with and we passed the wind up torch round.  Each child asked God to help them keep going, while at the same time winding the torch.  

Finally we made Olympic torches with paper cones and crepe paper flames.  Children wrote a prayer to God for what they needed help with on the cone.

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