Tuesday 24 July 2012

Reflection question beach balls

Our vision for the children is that they will come to have a deeper relationship with God that is all their own.  Part of going deeper with God inevitably involves a questioning process.  Sometimes this involves the children asking their own questions and sometimes it involves leaders asking them questions that are open ended and allow them to think, respond and elaborate on their ideas.

One idea that we have started to use is question balls.  We've used these before with ice breaker questions on them, but this time the questions are spiritually focussed!  Children throw the ball to someone.  The catcher has to read out the question where their right thumb lands and try to answer it.  this is best done in a small group so that there is space and time for listening and elaborating!  It's so interesting to hear what the children think and just shows us the depth of their thinking about God...

Here is a list of questions I've written on the balls.  All you need is an inflated beach ball (from the pound shop!) and a permanent marker pen to write on it!

What does a Christian look like?

What colour is heaven?

Has God ever answered your prayer?

When do you pray?

How do you like to pray?

Where do you like to pray?

Does prayer work?

Who would you ask to pray for you?

Who do you pray for?

Where do you feel closest to God?

Can God be your friend?

Can you trust someone you can’t see?

Can anyone pray?

Can anyone follow Jesus?

Why pray?

Have you ever been angry at God?

Has God ever said no to a prayer?

What do you like about God?

What annoys you about God?

Who do you know who is most like Jesus?

What does God feel like to you?

Have you ever felt God?

What questions would you like to ask God?


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