Friday, 17 August 2012

Felt Fun Bible Characters For Storytelling

As part of the quest to find more visual, interactive ways of storytelling, I decided to have a go at using felt.

This took literally half an hour to put together and a little bit longer for drying time!

First I got an A4 canvas board that cost about £1 and glued a felt sheet on it.  This is for a background to tell the stories on...

Then I cut out some simple shapes from card that would be templates for body, head dress and face.

I used the templates to cut out felt pieces...

And then glued them together to make simple characters that could be used for most stories.  There are no obvious males and females but that's what we have imagination for!

I tried them out by putting them on the board and standing it upright on the window sill.  Everything stayed stuck!  

The best thing is that the children can use the figures to retell the story independently if they want to!

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