Monday 13 August 2012

God keeps us safe

Here's a really simple prayer idea we've used with our 3-5s, focussing on the idea of God keeping us safe.  It would especially fit with a story such as Jesus calming the storm where the idea of Jesus providing safety in scary times is illustrated.

After telling the story, talk about the things that worry or scare us.  Who would we turn to to help us?  Discuss people like family and friends and even the police!  Then talk about how, like in the story, we can ask God to keep us safe when we are afraid.

Get a piece of string and let each child choose a bead to represent themselves.  You could use any beads but heart beads to represent how God loves us, or letter beads so children can choose their initial if they want to are useful!

Each child can thread their bead onto the string.  Point out to the children that it would be really easy for the beads to fall off the string if we don't tie a knot in it.  Tie the strings together in a knot and point out that the knot is the thing that keeps the beads safely on the string. God can keep us safe!  Then pray that God will keep us safe when we are scared.

Children could then make a bracelet representing the people in their family or their friends and ask God to keep them safe too.

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