Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Reflecting God's Love

Here is a new prayer station that I tried out with the 8-11s at New Wine this year.  It's really easy to do- you just need a collection of mirrors that the children can use to look at themselves with.  Hand mirrors were not that cheap to come by if you want a larger number, but small mirror tiles (used in card making) are widely available and cheap!  You could do this as a whole group or have it as part of a prayer corner where stillness is encouraged.

The idea of the station is that the children look at themselves and ask God to show them what He loves about them. Encourage them to allow some silence so that they can process.  This can then lead to discussion about how God sees us differently to the way we sometimes see ourselves, especially when we are saying negative things about ourselves.  It might also be appropriate for children to speak out positive words about others in the group as a reflection of God's love for them.

Look into the mirror.  What does God want to tell you about yourself?

What does God love about you the most?

Another interesting avenue to explore would be to discuss how we can now go out and reflect God's love to others.  Can God use us as 'mirrors' to show others how much He loves them?

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