Thursday, 13 September 2012

Moses and the burning bush activity

Today we were back at school for the first lunchtime club of the year.  We were looking at the idea of God having plans for us so we used the story of Moses and the burning bush...

We told the story and acted out Moses' reactions, taking off our shoes and discussing the idea of a 'holy place'.  Then we moved on to talking about God giving Moses a job to do and that God had a job for all of us in his plan.  What did we like doing?  What did we feel drawn towards in the future?

To help them think about their response, the children worked in groups to make a 'burning bush' collage, sticking 'flames' onto a background paper.

When they had made the collage, we then asked the children to write the job they were thinking of onto one of the flames.  There were lots of ideas including dancer, doctor, Olympic swimmer, shop keeper and website creator.

Next, everyone put a hand on the collage they had helped to make and we thanked God for the plans He had for our futures.  

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