Sunday, 16 September 2012

Play and explore: Noah's ark with 3-5s

We love helping the younger children to engage with a story through play and exploration and today we looked at Noah's Ark!

We told the story using the contents of the Noah Story Bag 
Then there were various options the children could choose from to re-enforce the story...

Playing with the wooden Noah's ark

Making animal masks

Playing animal snap

Water play with items from the story bag.

Perhaps the children got a little bit wet, but they had fun doing it!!

During the time given to play, leaders had a chance to speak to the children about the story and observe how the children linked what they were doing to what they had heard.  

To finish, there was a short prayer time.  The theme we were looking at was 'God takes care of us'.  Noah is a tricky story for this age group because mixed up in it is the idea of an angry God wiping everyone out!  However, we chose to think about how God looked after Noah's family and the animals.

We asked children to think about who looks after  and how it feels to be cared for.  Then children chose an animal and took it in turns to put the animals in the ark saying 'thank you God for looking after me'.

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