Tuesday, 23 October 2012

David and Goliath with 3-5s

In our journey through the Old Testament this term, we have made it to David and Goliath.  We focussed this session on the idea of God doing amazing things and helping us when we trust him.

After telling the story we decorated some stones, to remember how David used something so small to make such a big impact.
Children then had lots of options to play around the themes of the story:  

Using jigsaws and containers to explore big and small things... 
...and walking around on giant cardboard feet (they loved this!)
The children could practice their throwing at the bean bag targets...
...and have a go with the paper ball catapults.  Click here to see the original idea.

We also had a lovely fluffy sheep to play with!

To finish, we prayed with a bubble sword.  The sword is a symbol of God's power to help us.  As the children popped the bubbles we asked God to help us be brave like David, and trust in Him.

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