Monday, 29 October 2012

Books of the Bible cups game

This is an idea I got from Pinterest and have adapted for our 8-11s.  It's turned into a bit of a 'must play' now because they love a challenge!

A while back I realised that we needed to work on a bit of Bible familiarity as children were really unsure of where to look in the Bible to find a certain book.  So... 

Plastic shot glasses can be bought from the pound shop, 40 for £1 and, as they're smaller than other cups, they don't take up so much space when you pack away!

I used a permanent marker to write the names of each book on the bottom of each glass (along with a number to help with ordering the books when we reach that stage!)  Writing on the bottom, means that names can still be seen when cups are stacked.

The first time we played, we let the children study the list of Old and New Testament books for 5 minutes and then set the cups out randomly and got them to sort the cups into Old and New Testament piles.  When they had finished, we counted up the number in each pile that were correct and set that as a target to beat next time we played the game.  To my surprise they absolutely loved it and have been studying the lists at home so they can beat their scores!!  Eventually we will move on to looking at book order, but at the moment Old or New Testament is where we're staying!

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