Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Exploring Harvest in Crèche

As this Sunday was Harvest, we wanted to let even the youngest children experience something of the season!  Here's how we themed our activities in crèche to allow for exploration of God as creator.

As well as our usual set up of things such as the see-saw and slide, we put out...

 Play food (including our lovely new fabric food from IKEA!)
 Hardy fresh food that children can touch and feel.  They even found that bashing coconuts with wooden spoons got a good sound!

 Cold cooked spaghetti to feel (though this also was very tempting to eat!)
 Board books about animals and nature

Play dough in lids and seeds/ beans to stick into it.  

We're going to keep a harvest theme for a few weeks, but vary what we put out.  We're also hoping to put together a harvest story bag to borrow.  More details to come!

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