Monday, 1 October 2012

Telling the Creation Story (Genesis 1)

Here's how we told the creation story at our Harvest Messy Church this week.  We're going to do the same thing again tomorrow at the harvest service at our local primary school.  It's very visual and helps you to involve a lot of children!

You will need a big bag to put everything in.  We took things out one at a time (in the correct order!) and asked everyone what part of the story they thought it showed...
 Day 1: God says 'Let there be light!' (black and yellow felt joined together)

 Day 2: God separates the waters above and the waters below and makes the sky (dark blue and light blue felt joined together)

Day 3: God separates the sea and the land and makes the plants (green and blue felt joined together and a flower)

 Day 4: God makes the sun, moon and stars (headband with sun on one side and moon and stars on the other side)

 Day 5: God makes the birds and the fish

 Day 6: God makes the animals and humans

 Day 7: God has a rest!

After telling the story it's easy to then move into a conversation about our favourite parts of creation and the need to take time out and rest!

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