Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Telling the Good Samaritan with bananas and oranges!

Beware that this story telling gets messy but the children absolutely love it!
This is how we told the story of the good Samaritan in assembly today.  Thanks to Sarah for this genius idea and brilliant storytelling!

 Start off by introducing the idea that bananas and oranges do not like each other and can be very mean to each other!
 Stan is a happy banana but on the way to the shops one day he is set upon by other fruit, his money is stolen and Stan ends up squished and peeled on the side of the road (this is where is can get very messy, but the messier the better to make the point!)

 A high and mighty lady banana comes along but is worried she will get dirty and she is just too important and busy to care about poor squished Stan so she carries on with her journey.

Next, the banana mayor comes along and sees Stan but he is late for a meeting and is way too important to stop and help so he also goes on his way. 

Stan is feeling a bit upset that he is still lying squished on the road but he can hear more footsteps so he is hopeful that the next person will help.  Unfortunately, the next character along is an orange!  Stan really thinks he's in trouble now!  The orange wonders if he should help because, obviously, a banana is his enemy but eventually he decides to stop .  After all, if it was him on the floor he'd want some help!

The orange takes Stan home, patches him up, put him together again and, before long, Stan is as good as new! (you'll need a replacement Stan for this part!)


  1. I did this with a group of pre-schoolers and they absolutely loved it! I did it two weeks together and the second week I had to take double the amount of fruit because I anticipated that they would want to hear the story twice which they did. They especially liked it when Stan got squashed!

    Thanks for the idea.


    1. Excellent! Thanks so much for letting me know. It's really great to hear what other people are doing!

  2. Hi Mina - I have to tell you that this was hilarious! We are your Aussie friends (I've posted a few replies before) and this was a goodie! Thanks again xxx

  3. Thank you for this idea. I used it at a Messy Church and it was really well received by the adults and children. The children were amazed when I whipped out a healed banana from under a cloth!