Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Light Assembly (Halloween Alternative!)

Today we went into a new school to do an assembly.  Taking advantage of the fact that it is Halloween today, we thought we'd focus on All Saints day tomorrow and the Christian symbol of light in the darkness.

We started by explaining how Halloween got its name from All Hallows Eve (the day before All Hallows/ All Saints) and then talked about how Saints were people who had made the world a better place and brought light to dark situations.

We played a relay race with 2 volunteers

First they hopped to a parachute, crawled under the parachute, and then hopped to a light at the finish line that they then held in the air.  The first to hold up the light was the winner.

This symbolised the idea of how sometimes things in life could get scary and sad and feel dragged down (like going under the parachute) but there is light and hope at the end.

Next we told the story of the good Samaritan with bananas and oranges (see separate post!) to illustrate how others could help bring light to the life of people who were suffering in some way.  We linked the story to Jesus telling us that we could be light to others and bring them hope.  We showed this by setting fire to a dove pan and revealing some sweets!  As usual, the children loved this trick!

Finally, we asked the children to reflect on who they could bring light to and what they could do to do that.  We lit a candle and let them focus on the flame as they reflected.


  1. Would love to know more about setting fire to a dove pan. I'm not familiar with a dove pan. Will try the rest of this activity this Sunday

    1. Hi Sandy! The dove pan is amazing. It isn't cheap but the effect of it is outstanding and you can use it for many things- I've used it for the burning bush story and for Pentecost as well. Here is a link to one on amazon and if you look in the Pentecost section of this blog you should find some pictures of us setting fire to it during a Pentecost service!