Monday, 12 November 2012

Exploring multi-sensory worship with children

Yesterday we had an amazing time with our 5-11s as we continued our exploration of what worship is and why we do it.

We really believe in allowing children the freedom to explore their relationship with God and to find ways that work for them that might not necessarily work for others!  This means that we try to show them a lot of different methods and let them experiment before they make a decision as to what they like.

In terms of worship, we've been trying to show them that sung worship is only one of many ways they can celebrate God and how amazing He is!

Here are the various worship stations set up by Tanya for them to try...

Communion Space

Creative Space

Reading Space

Holy Space

 Building space

Seeing space

The children absolutely loved this and it was a real shame to have to bring the session to an end!  Each child travelled around the stations at their own pace and some only made it to two or three! The discussions that arose as they fed back on what they had experienced showed a real depth of involvement and has helped us to plan next week's session that will take them even further into the exploration!

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