Thursday 15 November 2012

Names of God dominoes game

I've been thinking of how we can turn learning into games wherever possible and this idea came to me!  Last term we did some work on the nature of God and it never hurts to consolidate who God is!  I've chosen some of the attributes we discussed and turned them into domino pieces (see above).  All in all there are 64 different pieces.  I printed them out 2 pages to a sheet and printed 2 sets so we now have 128 (laminated!) dominoes to play with- enough to cover quite a large space!  

If you'd like to print the dominoes yourself, there is a PDF version here.


  1. Thanks for this good idea. We also cut them all up and played the 'memory' card game with the kids.

    1. Brilliant! Thanks so much for letting me know. It's great to hear what people are doing :-)

  2. Love this idea. I'll have to make my own rather than use your templates as they have to be in Chinese. I will make them on a magnetic sheet so we can play with them on the whiteboard!

  3. Thank you for sharing this! May I use your link and pdf downloads in a book I am making for the children at my church? We will be doing a "Memory" type game with the pieces for the children to get to know more of who God is in our lives. I would put your link in the book so parents could download the cards to use at home.