Saturday, 17 November 2012

Naaman Stick Puppet

This week, our 3-5s will be learning the story of Naaman.  We've come up with a simple stick puppet for them to use to re-enact the story of him washing in the River Jordan 7 times.  I've just made a model version very quickly, but the children will have time to colour him in!

Cut out a 'spotty' Naaman and a 'healed' Naaman

Tape a straw to the back of one picture and stick the second picture on top

Cut a slit in the middle of the 'river' sheet

Push 'spotty' Naaman up and down in the river 7 times and then, on the 7th time, turn the puppet round to show the 'healed' side!

For a printable version of the figures click here

For a printable version of the 'river' sheet click here.

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