Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Messy Easter Crafts: Tape Resist Cross

Here's another preview of our Messy Church crafts for Easter!

I came across this idea on Pinterest and we love it.  It's quick, easy and makes a really colourful resurrection cross to celebrate Jesus rising to new life!  You can see the original idea if you click here, but this is how we've adapted it!

 Cut out a cross shape (we used A4 card)

 Stick masking tape over the cross in whatever pattern you like!

Dip the ends of chalk in water and paint with it in the spaces created by the masking tape.  (It doesn't matter if you go over the edges of the tape!)

When the chalk is dry, carefully remove the masking tape from the cross!

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  1. We will teach this to our kids in Sunday school. Very creative :) they must remember that Jesus loves them so much and he died on the cross.

    Church Oakville