Saturday 23 March 2013

Messy Easter!

Today we had our Easter Messy Church.  The snow meant that we didn't have as many people as usual but we still had a lot of fun!

Here are the crafts and activities we had...

 Shaving foam and paint marbled eggs

 Water beads, plastic eggs and polystyrene eggs

 A baby area with hearts (to reflect Jesus' love) and balls (close enough to eggs for new life!)

 Special cups to think about the last supper (click here for details of how)

 Cards using stickers from Baker Ross

 Palm Sunday spinners (click here for details of how to make them)
Crown of thorns biscuits (icing, digestives, broken up pretzels)

 Tape resist crosses (click here for details of how to make them)

Elastic band crosses on a nailboard (one of our 4 year old boys loved this!)
make your own marble mazes (thinking about the stone that rolled away from the tomb)


  1. Your ideas have inspired us to hold and Easter Activity Morning in the Queensland school holidays which are before Easter this year. Such great ideas in this post and your 2012 Easter messy church, I don't know which ones to include.