Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Family prayer bag 8-11s

Here is our second prayer bag for children to take home.  Like the Family prayer bag for 3-7s, this bag has ideas that families can use to pray at home and each one will only take a few minutes.  This bag also takes into account that the children of this age group will be more used to our prayer routines and may want to do some  things independently!  All bags will be ready to give out in the next couple of weeks, but why not try some of the ideas at home before they arrive...

  • Bubbles
  • Counters (card squares)
  • Laminated 3 in a row prayer game (to print out click here )
  • Laminated world map
  • Spot stickers
  • Journal notebook
  • Felt tip
  • Prayer chatterbox (to print out click here)
  • Post its
  •  'Sorry' acetate

Bubble prayers
Say thank you or sorry to God or ask Him to help you.  At the end of your prayer, blow some bubbles as a sign of your prayers going up to God.
Prayer journals
Use the notebook to write and draw your prayers or to record what God shows you when you listen to Him
Post it prayers
Write prayers on post its and stick them to one side of a window.  When the prayers are answered, move them to the other side of the window and say thank you to God
3 in a row prayer game
Play with someone else.  Choose a space.  Pray for that thing and put a counter there.  The first person with three counters in a row is the winner
World prayers
Choose a place on the map and ask God to bless it and the people who live there.  Stick a dot on the map to show you have prayed for that place
Prayer chatterbox
Use the chatterbox to find out what to pray for- please, thanks, sorry or others
Sorry prayers
Write or draw with the felt tip on the acetate something you would like to say sorry to God for.  As you say sorry to Him in your head, rinse the acetate in some water or wipe with a wet wipe.  The pen will wash off as a symbol that God forgives you

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