Monday, 29 April 2013

Family prayer bag for 3-7s

In an effort to help parents with ideas for connecting children with God at home, over the next few weeks, I'm hoping to get some prayer bags made up for each child.  For the 3-7s age group the activities are suitable for using as a whole family, each taking just a few minutes!  

As we don't have massive groups of children, with a little organisation and outlay this is going to be possible!  The purchases I've made are: paper bags, plastic teaspoons, dice, small pots of playdough (4 pots for a pound in the pound shop), bubbles (9 for £1), party blowers (10 for £1), bags of pound shop lego (1 bag will supply about 4 children).  Everything else has been printed off and laminated!

·         Teaspoons (click here for teaspoon prayers explanation)
·         Prayer cube (click here to print off)
·         Die
·         Feeling prayer board (click here to print off)
·         Counters
·         Lego
·         Playdough
·         Bubbles
·         blower

Teaspoon prayers
Choose a spoon and pray for what the letter shows: P=please, T=thanks, S=sorry
Prayer cube
Roll the cube and pray for whatever lands face up.
Feelings prayer game
Roll a die and move that number of spaces.  Follow the instructions on the game board if you land on a face!
Lego thanks tower
Take turns to say thank you to God for something.  When you say amen, add another brick to the thank you tower!
Playdough prayers
Use the playdough to make the shapes of things you want to say thanks to God for
Bubble prayers
Say thank you or sorry to God or ask Him to help you.  When you say amen, blow some bubbles as a sign of your prayers going to God.
Blower prayers
Say thank you or sorry to God or ask Him to help you.  When you have finished your prayer, blow the blower as a loud ‘amen’!


  1. Teaspoons (click here for teaspoon prayers explanation)...... doesn't load.

    1. Thanks! I've fixed it so it should work now!