Friday, 26 April 2013

Life of Jesus dominoes (print out and play!)

The children in our 8-11s group have really enjoyed playing with the Names of God dominoes I made a while back so I thought I'd make a different set.

These dominoes are suitable to help open up a conversation about Jesus and his life as the symbols used are all clues to part of his story.  I think they'll be particularly useful at our lunch time club at school where we spend a lot of time answering children's questions and the children are not necessarily Christian.  It will also be useful to see if the children can identify why we have used particular symbols!

Symbols used: 
Star- Jesus birth
Dove- Jesus' baptism/ Holy spirit
Sheep- represents the parables Jesus told
Wave of water- miracles of Jesus such as the calming of the storm/ Jesus is the living water
Loaves and fish- represent the miracles of Jesus
Palm leaves- Palm Sunday
Bread and wine- last supper
Crosses on the hill- crucifixion
Sunrise- Easter Sunday/ new life
Crown- Jesus the King

To print off a sheet click here.

I printed off two sheets and then laminated them to make one set.

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