Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Lost coin with 3-5s

Today our 3-5s learned the story of the lost coin!  Thanks to Kylé for putting this lesson together.

After hearing the story, here are some of the things they did...
 Coin headbands (silver card coins stapled to ribbon)
Prayer activity- find silver card coins around the room, then draw a picture of yourself on the reverse of the coin.  Speak about how Jesus looks for people who are far away from God and is so excited when they get to know God better (just like the woman is when she finds her coin!)  Everyone then shouts 'thank you' to Jesus!
 Lost coin bottle (coins hidden in rice and pasta mix).  Shake to find!
 Role play items: brush, torches, lights, coins
 a collection of coins with pots and tins to hide them in!
Take home activity: Laminated pictures (one of which has a coin next to it), painted over with silver paint.  Children scratch off the paint to find the picture with the coin.

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