Saturday 4 May 2013

Descending dove suncatcher Pentecost craft

Here's an advance look at one of our Messy Church crafts for next Saturday- a suncatcher representing the Holy Spirit descending!  This incorporates the flames of the Pentecost story with a dove, which most of our children are familiar with as a symbol of the Holy Spirit.

You will need:

  • Sticky backed plastic
  • Tissue paper 'flames'
  • Paper 'descending dove' shape
  • Gold circle

Arrange the tissue paper flames on the sticky side of the plastic.  Then stick the gold circle underneath the dove's head so it looks like a halo.  Stick the dove on top of the flames.  Hang in a window and let the sun shone through to light up the flames!


  1. Looks great! What is sticky backed plastic??? andwhere do you buy it?

    1. Hi! If you are in the UK you can get it from WH Smith or possibly Rymans but if you are in the US I think you're looking for contact paper! :-)

    2. Thank you! Yes, clear contact paper. I found some at Walmart at a very decent price. Thank you!!!

  2. You can also put assemble the picture in a laminator pouch and laminate it.