Friday, 3 May 2013

Portable prayer at lunchtime club

We had an amazing school lunchtime club this week!  We spent the session praying in various creative ways and the usually quite lively and boisterous group was calm and completely engrossed!

As we've tried each term, we took a box of prayer stations with us and put them out around the room and the children could choose where to go and what to do.  Everything was easy and portable!

Here is this term's box (click on the links to go to printable resources)... 

'What would you like to say to God?' graffiti board (all you need is wallpaper lining and pens!)

Reflective prayers to colour in (very popular!)

Laminated maps (find a place you want to pray for, ask God to bless that place and stick a sticky dot there to show you've prayed for it)

Laminated people shapes- write prayers for people on the sheets with dry wipe pens

Prayer cubes
Prayer chatterboxes- the most popular!

We managed to have some great conversations with children and some of them opened up in a way they never had before.  They were eager to make their own chatterboxes, choosing what to pray for under each flap and we'll definitely be doing that in a future session.  One of the girls who was praying with the maps stuck a spot on the Antarctic because she was concerned about global warming!  We'll certainly be bringing the box out again before the summer!

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