Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Saul and David story cube (1 Samuel 24)- Print out and make!

I know that I'm having a bit of a phase with cubes at the moment but this is going to be quite a fun take home activity for our 3-5s this week!

This week, Sparks are learning the story from 1 Samuel 24 where David cuts off part of Saul's robe when they are in the cave.  In order to recap the story and to see which bits they remember most, I've made a story cube of the main events...

The story is around the outside so that parents can familiarise themselves with it and retell the story.  Simply cut out the net and make up the cube (maybe print it onto card or laminate if you want it to endure, otherwise paper is fine!) and then throw the cube.  Ask the children what part of the story the face up picture shows and/ or get them to tell the story to you using the cube.  I love hearing children retell stories because you never know which part is going to appeal to them most!

To print out a cube click here.


  1. I Mina !
    Throughout late night, the story of Saul & David was occupiyng my mind... how could i introduce it in a funny way? Thank u for sharing this cube, and thanks for the inspiration from the Holy Spirit !
    I am in France and the Word is going to be spread on more time tomorrow.

  2. Hi Mina! I am a teacher in Denmark - and I love the cube you have designed. May I use it in a teaching material about King David?? I will of course link to your blog...
    Best regards, Heidi Lomborg