Thursday, 27 June 2013

God's love for us: Blessing craft

I found a really easy way to make origami hearts on Pinterest the other day (click here) and it struck me that, not only could older children make them easily, but we could also use them to think about God's love for us.

First of all, here's how to make the hearts.  You need a square of paper and I'm not good at writing instructions for origami, so hopefully the pictures will be enough!

 Fold into thirds

Turn over and fold the back piece down.
 Fold the edges in.
 Children could make these hearts and discuss loving our neighbours as ourselves, or talk about God's love for us.  To make an extra point about God's love for us, you can insert some handwritten blessing verses (I used Jeremiah 29:11 below) and children can either keep them for themselves or make and give them to others.
 Another idea is to use matchboxes as little blessing boxes.  Concertina up a Bible verse and stick the first section of it to the inside tray of a matchbox.  The verse can then be unfolded when the box is opened.
 Put the box together and stick an origami heart on the top as a reminder that we have the blessing because God loves us!

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