Sunday, 30 June 2013

Fruit of the Spirit: God's Goodness Collages

The main objective of our school lunchtime club is to form relationships with the children and to open up discussion about God with them in a natural way.  This seems to happen best when everyone is busy doing something creative!

Last week we got to the end of our focus on the fruit of the spirit by looking at 'goodness'- we weren't doing them in order and this just happened to come last, probably because it's the hardest to explain!

Sarah hit upon the idea of focussing on what we thought was 'good' about the character of God and then helping the children to relate this to how we should behave ourselves.  In order to do this we decided to let the children make collages of their ideas...

We used paper plates as a base and a variety of papers.  Here's what the children came up with!

An expression of God's love and his goodness to us.  The child who made this, then was prompted to go and give it to her teacher as a gift!

This picture shows God's love, His creativity for making the world and the things in it and His generosity in giving it to us.

 This picture shows a heart for God's love, a 'smile' because God is joyful and happy and a 'halo' above because God does good and kind things.

 The taller person is God, helping the smaller person to walk.  God is good because He helps us.

This child really wanted to express God's happiness.  In her mind, goodness was linked to happiness!

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