Saturday, 22 June 2013

Quick and easy wearable armour of God

This week we need some armour of God for the Sunday morning service so I decided to make some...

As with anything, I tried to make it as quickly, easily and cheaply as possible without neglecting the finished presentation!

All in all, the armour cost less than £5 to make because we had some ribbon in our stores already.  If we had had to buy the ribbon it would have been just slightly more expensive!  I spent about an hour making it so it's pretty quick too.

I used: flip flops, foam sword, foil food platter (all from the pound shop), 1 1/2 large sheets of gold card, gold ribbon, glue dots, paint pens, stapler

I wanted each piece of the armour not only to be labelled according to Ephesians 6, but also to have a scriptural reference that would help to explain its function.  I have included verse references with the details below.

Shoes of the Gospel of Peace:
Remove straps from flip flops and place strips of glue dots on the soles.
 Stick lengths of ribbon to the glue dots to make straps for tying round the feet.
 Cut gold card to fit the soles and decorate like so.

Belt of Truth
Cut a length of ribbon that will comfortably tie round your waist.  Staple 5 pieces of card to the belt and write 'TRUTH' on them.  I used John 14:6 as the verse here (see top picture above)

Breastplate of Righteousness
Cut two pieces of card to make a front and back piece.  Join them with lengths of ribbon as shoulder straps.
Staple more ribbon to the sides of each card piece as side ties.  Write RIGHTEOUSNESS on the front piece.  I also added a heart with Proverbs 4:23 written inside it.

Helmet of Salvation
Use strips of card to make a helmet as above.  Stick a cross to the front to emphasise that the helmet is about salvation.  I also wrote John 3:16 across the helmet.

Shield of Faith
I stapled some ribbon to the back of a foil food platter to make a handle and then stuck a gold card cross on the front with the word FAITH and a verse about trusting God (Psalm 145:13)

Sword of the Spirit
I wound some gold ribbon round the foam sword (to keep with my gold theme!) and then stuck some Gold card to it (see top picture).  One side reads 'SPIRIT: the word of God' and on the other side of the sword is written the verse from James 4:7.

I can't wait to see the armour in action and hopefully it will last us some time!


  1. what would we do without the pound shop?!

  2. Thanks for this idea. I made this for my preschoolers, but since we live in Haiti mine where much more simple as I could only use what I have. The kids loved it and I'm sure this visualization helped them understand it better :)

  3. Thanks SO much for this. Love the scripture references. I appreciate you taking the time to share!! God bless 😊