Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Jesus sudoku puzzle to print and play!

For those children who think logically and mathematically, here's a game that will exercise their brains, but also help them to explore and remember ideas about Jesus!

I found an idea about colour sudoku for children and it made me think about how I could adapt it for church.  I've started off with an easier version that works on 4 sets of 4 squares.  For ease of identification each block of squares is colour coded.  The pictures I have chosen (and ideas for discussion around them) are: 

  • Crown- Jesus is king, our leader
  • Cross- salvation, crucifixion/ resourrection, sacrifice, new life
  • Heart- Jesus' love for us, loving others because he loves us
  • bread and wine- Last supper/ communion and the meaning of each item

Print out the puzzle sheet (click here) and cut out the grid and each individual picture square.  If you want to keep the puzzle more long term, it's probably a good idea to laminate it.
Now arrange the pictures so that each one of them appears once in
  • each of the coloured blocks
  • each column
  • each row

 Here is a possible solution to the puzzle!

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