Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Teaching 3-5s about prayer: Yoghurt pot telephones!

This Sunday, we are continuing our look at prayer with our 3-5s.  Last week we thought about how we can speak to God about anything and we made some fun microphones.  This week we are going to think about speaking and listening- God listens to us, but we can also listen to God!  

This is quite a hard concept to get across to this age group so, as with last week, we're going to use a lot of play with phones, stethoscopes etc.  We'll tell the story of Samuel being woken in the night by God's voice and then we'll play with some yoghurt pot telephones and decorate our own to take home!

Because our 3-5s are not really able to tie knots, we've made these up ready for them to decorate...

Use 2 clean pots and poke a hole in the bottom of each.  Thread a string (about 2 arm lengths) through to connect the pots and tie a knot in the bottom of each pot to secure the string.
Use PVA glue and tissue paper to decorate the pots and then play!  The string needs to be pulled tight for this to really work.  In pairs, one child speaks into a cup, while the other child holds their pot to their ear and listens.  Then swap speakers and listeners.  

It might not work amazingly well but it really helps to get across the idea of speaking and listening in prayer!

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