Friday 14 June 2013

Discipleship sandal craft

Yesterday I was working with one of our children on communion preparation.  Part of what we talked about was discipleship of Jesus.  If we wanted to follow him, how could we show that in our everyday lives?  

I wanted to get across the idea of following being an active thing so we made a sandal (or flip flop!) of ideas!  I found this craft on Pinterest here, but we put a discipleship slant on it!

Cut out a flip flip shape from card and make 3 holes like so...
Put a pipe cleaner underneath the flip flop shape and thread one end through hole A and one end through hole B.

We chose people we would try to remember to pray for and then chose a button to represent each person, threading the buttons onto the pipe cleaner ends.  We then threaded both ends through hole C to make the flip flop strap and secured them underneath.

Now we discussed things we could do (achievable things!) that would reflect the fact that we were trying to live out what Jesus taught and write them on the flip flop as a reminder.  These included...

  • Think about God at school,
  • respect my friends
  • listen to my dad
  • read a bible story once a week
  • pray


  1. Hi! I like this craft. I work for the Dutch version of Messy Church (Kliederkerk), and I am making programs which we publish on our website. May I use this creative idea and the picture? It will be published like this:
    If it's not OK, I can remove the picture.


    1. Hi Krista, Yes- no problem. God bless and have fun! xxx