Friday 5 July 2013

Bubblewrap Worry Prayers!

This Sunday our 5-11s will be looking at what Jesus teaches about worry in Matthew 6.

As part of our teaching, I wanted to emphasize the fact that we have to trust God to take care of our worries and that sometimes that means that we intentionally have to give them to Him and ask him to help us.  It seems to work better with our children if they pray in a tactile way so we needed something that involved a deliberate action of release.  What better than bubble wrap!!  

I picked up a huge roll for very little at our local scrap store this week and this is what we're going do with it...
 The children can take it turns to tell God something that is worrying them (either aloud or silently) and then they can pop one of the bubbles as a sign that they have asked God to help them and have released their worry to Him.

I've also cut some strips for the children to take home with them so that, when they worry over the coming week, they can release their worries to God.

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