Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Printable wordless gospel flexagon

Here we are with another flexagon, but this one is much easier to make!

I've been really interested to see 'wordless books' as a way of telling the gospel, especially to children. Click here for some examples.

The books rely on colours to symbolise different aspects of the story of salvation: 
Black- our sin
Red- Jesus' blood and death on the cross
White- the purity and clean start his death gives us
Green- the growth of our relationship with Jesus as we get to know more about him and he helps us to grow as disciples
Gold- heaven- because of what Jesus did on the cross we are able to come closer to God and share in His Kingdom.

I thought it would be interesting to make a flexagon to tell the story, basically because they intrigue me and I love playing with them!

Here's how to make your own...

 Print and cut out the flexagon pattern.  Click here for the print out.
 Fold carefully along the middle and cut out the pink sections.  These are not needed!
 Fold the yellow and green section over the top of the red and black section and glue together.

Put glue on the arrow squares and glue them on top of each other as the arrows indicate.
Your flexagon should now look something like this!
Now glue together the arrow squares in this section (again as the arrows indicate).
 When you have done this, the flexagon will have folded like so.  Now you can talk about the wrong things we do that keep us distant from God.

Open up the flexagon and pull back the sides to reveal...
...the red and white section (Jesus' death and the forgiveness this brings us)
 Open up again to reveal the green section.  Jesus wants to know us and wants us to get to know Him.  Our relationship can grow.
Open up and fold back to reveal the final, gold, section.  Because we have been forgiven for the wrong things we have done, we can come closer to God and share in heaven.  As followers of Jesus we can also help to bring heaven to Earth now and to show other people something of what God's kingdom is like.


  1. Interesting, I've always learned it with gold being first to introduce first where we want to go.

    1. That would work because the gold is only one step ahead of the black in the fold layout. That's the great thing with the flexagon-the end is also the start! It would actually be good to start and end with gold to show that heaven is where we want to go at the start and that, at the end, through our relationship with Jesus, we are inspired to bring something of God's kingdom to those around us :-)

  2. Thank you for posting this!