Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Jesus calms the storm story bag

We are gradually resourcing the stories that we use with our 3-5s over the course of the year and here is one of our latest story bags: Jesus calms the storm!

The contents help to either tell the story or emphasise a point that we are trying to teach.


  • Blue and white fabric (to use as waves)
  • plastic boats
  • plastic container (fill with water and float the boats!)
  • Fish bubble gun
  • Instruments (to make storm noises)
  • rubber ring (to emphasise the idea that Jesus will keep us safe)
  • Calming the storm fuzzy felt
  • Face stick puppets

The fuzzy felt is kept inside a plastic takeaway box, with the backing felt glued to the lid

There are pieces for stormy weather and Jesus sleeping...
...and Jesus calming the storm
The faces (except for the 'Jesus' figure) are double sided.

Fear on one side...
...happiness and relief on the other side.

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  1. Great post! We will use this in our Church School this week. Love it.