Friday, 2 August 2013

Joseph: God is with us in the ups and downs craft and prayer activity

The next part of the Joseph story we are going to look at is what happens after he is taken to Egypt- in Potiphar's house and in prison

It's not terribly constructive to go into the precise details of how Joseph lands up in jail (especially with 3 year olds!) so we will be using the retelling in the Lion Storyteller Bible, stopping just as Joseph is taken to see the king (that will be covered in the following session!).  What we really want to emphasise is that Joseph experiences good times and bad times (ups and downs) but God is always looking after him and never leaves him.  This retelling is especially good to help with this.

To help this idea to stick in the children's heads we are going to make an 'ups and downs' craft.

You will need:
Foam sheets, beads, pipe cleaners.

To make:  
  • Push one end of the pipe cleaner through the foam sheet and bend over at the back to secure.
  • put a bead onto the pipe cleaner.
  • Bend the pipe cleaner to make some 'ups and downs' and then push the other end through the foam sheet and bend over to secure at the back
  • Do this several times on your sheet
  • use your hands to guide the beads up and down the pipe cleaner bends
Reflection/ prayer activity
  • As you guide the beads along the bends, think of the ups and owns in Joseph's life and how God always helped him
  • Think about the good times (ups) and bad times (downs) in your life and ask God to be with you and help you.  Say thank you to Him for the good times
  • Think about people who are going through bad times in their lives and ask God to help them.


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