Sunday, 18 August 2013

Joseph in Egypt: Egyptian collar craft

This week in our journey through the story of Joseph, we've reached the part where Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dream and becomes an important leader there.  I was inspired by an Egyptian collar craft I found here but put my own slant on it!  This craft was very easy but gave a lot of scope for individuality as we had a group of children ranging from 3-13 years.  I really wanted the children to think about how God had looked after Joseph and had brought him through hard times to something really good.  Because of this we used lots of shiny things to decorate the collars with!  We wanted to make something special to represent how special Joseph was to God.

We used felt for the collar base but card would work just as well.  To decorate we used sequins and strips of shiny coloured card.

Draw round a large paper plate and cut out the circle from the felt
Make a neck space (off centre) by drawing round a CD.  Cut this circle out and reserve for another craft.
Here are the designs the children came up with...
 (3 year old)
 (4 year old)
 (10 year old)
 (5 year old)
 (3 year old)
 (9 year old)
 (5 year old)
(13 year old)


  1. I'm not sure how to post our photos Mina, but this was great! All the kids loved it. We have 2-12 year olds in our kids church so these kind of crafts are perfect! I so appreciate your sharing xxx

    1. Hi! thanks so much! If you email me any pictures you'd be happy to post on Facebook then I'll add them to the Facebook page. It's great to keep in touch with what people are doing :-)