Thursday, 22 August 2013

Prayer Jewels

I found this idea on Pinterest recently and it really got me thinking!  I've adapted the idea and turned it into a reflective prayer and praise idea that will work well with older children who like to use words...
Very simply, all you need is a permanent marker pen and some decorative glass nuggets...

Write words describing God and/or prayer words onto the top of the nuggets.  Words I used are in the following list but there are so many more you could use!

Joy, great, good, God, Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit, you, hope, me, amazing, have, peace, kind, strong, be, I, me, help, thanks, love, loving, kind, joy, patient, are, faithful, powerful, self control, great, gentle.

Use the nuggets to make prayers
or to think about the character of God.

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