Monday 12 August 2013

Playing card prayers!

I was sorting out the games in one of our cupboards today and came across about 5 packs of playing cards we obviously had never opened.  It started me thinking about how we could use them to pray with...

Here's a prayer activity that would work really well in a family prayer time or as a small group prayer activity. 

Take a pack of cards and lay them face down.  Take it in turns to take a card off the top of the pile and pray using these guidelines:

For a red number card say a 'thank you' prayer
 For a black number card say a 'sorry' or 'please' prayer
 For a king card, think of a word to describe God and how great He is.
 For a queen card pray for someone who is female.
 For a jack card, pray for someone who is male.

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