Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Quick and Easy Praise Bunting (a work in progress!)

This summer I'm finally getting round to decorating and sorting one of the rooms that we use on a Sunday.  It's been a work in progress over the past few months!

To help with the decorating efforts, I made some bunting to hang with words that describe God on each piece.  We got the children on Sunday to think of words and then I added them to the bunting as a temporary measure.  Hopefully, after summer, when more of the children are around, we can get them to decorate it properly!

Words the children chose are:  faithful, patient, Lord, great, light, strong, love, king, caring, kind, big, awesome, amazing, eternal, clever, un- sinful, good, powerful, always in control.  It's great to have the words hanging as a constant reminder of words to praise God with!
 The bunting itself took minutes to make.  I cut some triangles out of foam sheets and stapled them to a long string of ric rac braid.  I then wrote the words on with a permanent marker.  I'm hoping the children might add some glitter and sequins!


  1. Love this idea!! Can't wait to try it with my Sunday School class soon. Thank you :-)