Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Responding to the Bible: Feelings cards

This is an idea to help children to communicate their response to a story.  It's absolutely fascinating to find out what children really think about what they hear and, while some children can easily tell you what they think, some find it more difficult.  Knowing what children feel about a story or helping them to explore what people in the story might be feeling is a great way to open up discussion and also helps to check their understanding.  More often than not, they come up with something we adults would never have thought of!

The cards are really easy to use.  Print them out (click here) and cut them up.  When you have told a story, spread them out and let the children choose cards that show either how they feel about certain points in the story or how specific characters might feel.  I'm sure that the children will come up with even more feeling words, but hopefully this will be a starting point for discussion!

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