Friday, 27 September 2013

"Who Am I?" story recap game

This is a good game to play to help children recap on key characters and events in a story…

Seal an envelope.  When sealed, cut into strips and tape shut one long edge of each strip.  This will leave you with some little pockets.

Attach the pockets to lengths of ribbon (I used glue dots as they’re quite strong and not messy!)

You have now made some head bands to place story cards into. 

Let children know that the cards for this game all have pictures that relate to a character or object from the story you have been covering.  Children all put on a headband and the leader slots one of the cards into each headband pocket.  Children wearing the headband will not be able to see the card that they have, but the others will.  They can then ask the others yes/no questions to try and figure out who or what their card shows based on what they remember of the story e.g. “Am I a human?”, “do I have wings?”.  Take it in turns to ask questions and the first person to guess who they are wins!
As an example, these are cards I made for the Noah’s Ark story with basic clipart.

Other ideas:
Jonah: Jonah, sea, big fish, sailors, boat, storm clouds, tree
Creation: sun, moon, stars, night sky, sea, fish, humans, animals, land, trees, plants, light
Nativity: Mary, Joseph, Wise men, shepherds, sheep, gifts, angel, stable, star, baby

Easter: donkey, palm leaves, bread, wine, nails, cross, tears, cave, angel, sunrise

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