Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas Gifts All Age Talk

This is a talk that can be easily used in an assembly or for an all age service and focuses on the idea of Jesus being an unexpected gift.
You will need: 4 items to wrap as gifts.  One should be really easy to guess (e.g. a book), a couple should be quite difficult to guess (I used sunglasses and a duck shaped door stop!) and one should be an ordinary looking, quite boring container with chocolate coins hidden inside.

Ask children what their favourite thing about Christmas is.  Gifts are bound to come up! Talk about why we give gifts- to show people that we love them and care for them.  Ask some of the children to try and guess what is wrapped up in your gifts.  Start with the easy to guess gift, proceed onto the harder to guess gifts and end with the box containing chocolate coins.  Each time, after guesses have been made, reveal what the gift is.  

Explain that sometimes we know immediately what we've been given but sometimes it's harder to work it out and we even get gifts that aren't what they first seem on the outside.  Talk about the fact that Jesus is Immanuel 'God with us'.  God came down as a little baby, the first Christmas gift,  but like the container with chocolate in it, he wasn't what we expected!  On first sight he would have been just an ordinary human baby, but actually he was a treasure worth more than we can imagine.  He was a gift that meant we could be brought closer to God and, through him, God could show how much He loves us.   Share out the chocolate and as you eat it, pray that we will all come to see How much God loves us this Christmas.


  1. huge WOW. I have just found your blog. You are amazing!

  2. Thanks!! I hope it's useful to you :-) x

  3. Aw Mina! I was just browsing the web to find an idea for a Christmas talk for me and Craig - found this and discovered it was you!! Great idea and great blog, much love and blessings, Caroline (Carrie) x

  4. Thank you!! So many talks to do this Christmas and I am running out of ideas ... this looks like it might be just the thing :-)