Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Psalm 139: God knows me craft and response

This month I'm putting together some ideas to help teach themes from Psalm 139:

  • God knows me
  • God made me in a wonderful way
  • God is always there and He protects me
  • God has plans for me
  • Help me to follow your ways
To help the children to reflect on the words of the psalm, I've put together some word clouds.  The first cloud will help the children just to focus on the important words.  

The second cloud can be used to help children to record their personal response to the psalm- simply write or draw in the space!

To print off a sheet containing both word clouds, click here.

Here's an idea to help look at the theme 'God knows me'- more themes to follow in future posts!

Talk to the children about themselves.  What is special about them?  What are they like?  What do other people know about them? Is there something that only you and your family know about you?

Talk about the fact that God knows them as deeply as they know themselves and that He loves them.  Encourage the children to make a symbol from clay, pipe cleaners, play dough (or any other way you can think of!) that shows something about who they are.  Share the symbols and thank God that He really knows who we are.

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  1. THANK YOU!! I was so excited to see your Psalm 139 hearts. They are very creative and well done. I am writing lessons and coming up with crafts for my church’s Kid 2 Kid program. I was having a hard time coming up with a “You were made special” craft for my Psalm 139 lesson. I’m putting your heart on the front of paper plate heart hats. I appreciate all the time you spent making the hearts and your willingness to share. I love how God inspires us in His work. I smiled when I saw that you just posted this in January. Thanks again! I am going to try to share a picture with you in pinterest.