Saturday, 4 January 2014

Psalm 139: God is always there and He protects me

Looking at the next theme of the psalm (found especially in verses 7-12), involves a game and a craft...

Mirror Game
Pair the children up and allocate them as person A and Person B.  Get the children to stand facing each other and then ask person A to perform a series of movements that person B has to copy as if looking in a mirror.  After a while, swap roles so person B performs the move and person A copies.  After everyone has had a turn, speak to the children about how God is always with us and, like the person who was following all our movements, He follows everything we do and everywhere we go.

This craft will help the children to think about God covering and protecting them wherever they are and wherever they go.

You will need: Envelopes, collage paper, glue, buttons
 1.  Stick down the flaps of the envelopes and then cut the envelope into quarters.  This will give you 4 pockets per envelope.  Each child needs 1 pocket!
2.Encourage the children to use use the collage paper to decorate their pocket with colours and shapes that remind them of God.  Make sure the pocket still opens!
3. Children choose a button to represent themselves and put it inside the pocket as a symbol that God is covering, holding and protecting them.

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