Friday, 3 January 2014

Psalm 139: God made me in a wonderful way

Here's the next post in our look at Psalm139, focussing on the theme of 'God made me in a wonderful way' (based especially on verses 13-15).

This relies on having access at least to a sink and a microwave!

You will need strawberries, lolly sticks, chocolate, sprinkles to decorate (and preferably some chocolate covered strawberries pre-made already!)

The idea is that the children will have the chance to make something that involves a lot of intricate processes but is wonderful as a result. We're trying to get across the idea of God's love and knowledge of everything that makes them up. If you have some pre-made chocolate strawberries to start with, it would be interesting to see the children's reaction to what is inside (if fully covered with chocolate it won't be immediately obvious!).

The steps involved in making these with the children can include:

  • washing the strawberries
  • hulling them
  • drying them (if you don't do this, the chocolate won't stick properly!)
  • sticking a lolly stick into the tops of each one

  • melting the chocolate
  • dipping them in chocolate
  • sprinkling on the decoration
  • waiting for the chocolate to set
Talk to the children about the intricate way they have been made by God and that he knows what makes up every part of you, on the inside and the outside.  Think about the amazing things your body can do and thank God for them.  When the chocolate is set give the children one of the strawberries to give as a gift to someone else as a symbol of the gift that God has given us in making us who we are.

Have fun!


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