Monday, 17 March 2014

Broken World Prayers

This is a great idea my friend Simon used in a service last week.  It would work really well with 7-11s and is very tactile and visual!

You will need a large world map (you can get these quite cheaply in some cheap book shops at the moment), scissors, pens.

Before praying, cut the map into large pieces- enough for everyone to have a piece of their own.

Give each child a piece of the map and get them to hold it in their hands.  Talk about how the world is damaged and destroyed by things that we do- environment, war, pollution.  Ask each child to pray for the part of the world they are holding.  They can pray silently, out loud or write/ draw their prayers on the map piece.  

Now ask God to heal the world and bring the prayers to Him by reassembling the pieces of the map like a giant jigsaw puzzle.  Thank God for the world He has made and ask Him to bless it and us.


  1. Loving this blog! I came across it while looking for visuals for The Lord's Prayer. Great ideas.

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