Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Fair Trade Game

This is fair trade fortnight and on Friday we are gong into some schools to teach the children about fair trade, linking it to to Jesus' message of freedom and good news for the poor and oppressed (see Luke 4, where Jesus quotes Isaiah 61) and what Christians believe about behaving justly.  As a fun way in to thinking about fair trade and ideas of fairness in general, here's an easy game to play!

You will need: A game sheet per child, dice (one per pair or 3 is good)

Click here to print off a sheet with 2 game sheets on it, as below.

Children work in pairs or 3s to throw the die, but have their own individual sheet to colour in.

Children in a pair/ 3 take it in turns to throw the die.  Colour in a section of the Fair Trade symbol according to the number thrown.  Eg.  If you throw a 2, colour in a section with a 2 inside it.  If you throw a number , but have already coloured in all that number's sections, you will have to wait until your next throw!  The first person to colour in all the sections on their sheet is the winner.

This game helps to introduce the fair trade symbol which looks a bit like a person with their hand in the air to say they agree and want to join in.  It also helps to think about issues of fairness, but quite subtly.  How fair is the game itself?  Some numbers appear more often than others do.  Does this make a difference?

Have fun!


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  2. This is just what I need for my Rainbows to play at our fair trade tea party. Thank you